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Our Production

We currently work with two stitching units in New Delhi. 

Master G

The magic that is MasterG! This studio is a training center for girls and women from around the city, as well as a stitching unit offering sustainable livelihood to women once they’ve completed their courses. MasterG’s founder Gayatri Jolly didn’t accept that people think tailors in India should only be men- so it became her mission to teach girls to patternmake and sew at a professional level. And patternmake they do! We are continuously impressed by the skills of the girls, as well as their creativity that they share with us in the pieces we create together.

Shahpur Jat

A small woman-owned unit in Delhi’s Shahpur Jat fashion district. They do a lot of hand work and unique pieces. The pattern Master here in the studio, Mohammed Sabir, is from Lucknow and has 25 years of garment work experience. In his younger days he worked in Mumbai as a tailor for Bollywood.