What is "Present"? - 2016

What is "Present"? - 2016

Written on February 13, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3



I have two main focuses here. Sourcing all the way down the supply chain for a veg block printed clothing collection - and exploring spirituality. All the while surrounded by warm, loving and inspiring people. It's basically a best case scenario.

On Wednesday evenings Moved by Love hosts a meditation near the ashram. We share silence together for an hour, then discuss a readings regarding issues of kindness, love, morality and service- finished with home cooked gujarati food served by volunteers. It's really beautiful and such a bonding experience for the community. Oftentimes small groups will break off after the event ends and continue discussing whatever topic stood out to them- one night we spoke for hours about the meaning of "oneness", and attempted to define our ultimate goals for service in an ideal world.

Tonight's talk was about "Presence: The Quality of Consciously Being Here: Presence ...is the activation of a higher level of awareness that allows all our other human functions – such as thought, feeling, and action – to be known, developed, and harmonised .. Presence shapes our self-image and emotional tone. Presence determines the degree of our alertness, openness, and warmth. Presence decides whether we leak and scatter our energy or embody and direct it."

The responses varied but all were wise inspired. Even if our minds are elsewhere, our bodies are *here* so in essence we are present regardless? Or can only self awareness in the moment promote the state of being present? Everyone has their personal version of being present, some seemed so enlightened. I hope with practice I can achieve that feeling some day as well.


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