Time Pass - 2016

Time Pass - 2016

Written on February 19, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3

Stayed in Pondicherry longer than planned. My only regrets are the million mosquito bites on my feet from sleeping so close to the water.


How do you explain something like that? missed/lost/created connections for a short and strange while that make no sense within the context of language barriers or reality overall. I don’t kid myself about anything but momentary mystery is too seductive. Lost physically away from real civilization but safe in separate awareness, mentally calm and the ever-present search for presence fulfilled specifically that time, the entire time. There was so very little information but I never care, my initial motives were selfish and seeking some kind of adventure that I wouldn’t find alone. The degree to which my constant need for movement and strange newness was precisely matched without any conversation was unnerving so I stayed. A life worlds and worlds away from my world entirely yet possessing such similarity to myself. A mirror almost. The dark denouement left answers, but different questions that I think are best remained unknown. For this, unlike the rest, I have no visual and only those words- I agree but I can’t respond now, I won't kid myself.

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