Summer 2021 Capsule Collection: idle.wild

Summer 2021 Capsule Collection: idle.wild

Revenge travel and risk taking once let out of the house- that is if we haven’t gotten too used to comfort on the couch. Stepping out can be scary, stepping out can be liberating: regardless, we have fashion for both. Handmade artisanal blockprints and upcycled silk sarees from Bhuj, Gujarat and Jaipur, Rajasthan come together to form our latest capsule collection.

idle.wild is inspired by this stark dichotomy in the activities of our current time and the much-needed multi-functionality it calls for: lash out against the lockdowns and run to the hills, or stay cozied inside even once restrictions are lifted because we’ve gotten used to the walls around us? idle.wild is an ode to roaming free or sitting idle, running far from home or enjoying quiet dinners in: whether you prefer only one or both of these drastically different approaches to living life in the After Times. 

And of course, a hint of nostalgia for the Before: maybe even so far before, those of us who can recall the amusement park of childhood and a lack of any responsibility might do so. Can we remember how to relax and enjoy our time like children ever again, can we let the stress from these recent years melt away even just for a moment? We have fashion for this as well.

Of course the making of these pieces was another exercise in our exploration of what "sustainable fashion" means to us- and how we can be even more transparant as a brand. We have began filming our process and started a youtube channel (give us a follow!) We post interviews with the artisans who made the fabric, the process of designing and stitching the collections, the inspiration behind our work and much more. 

idle.wild has two pillars as a capsule: upcycled silk saree dresses from Jaipur, Rajasthan and multicolored cotton maxidresses with blockprinted cottons sourced directly from printers in Bhuj, Gujarat. All aspects of these supply chains were documented - short films to be shared soon on youtube

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