Shibori Kimonos with MasterG and Aranya Naturals

Shibori Kimonos with MasterG and Aranya Naturals

Aranya Naturals is an herbal dying studio in Munnar, Kerala training and employing specially abled people to make the most beautiful fabrics. We commissioned them to create a small batch of shibori dye on Liva Eco Vero cellulose fabric 

it was a pleasure and a privilege to visit their workshop in Munnar, Kerala, learn about how they dye the fabrics and generally connect with them in person (we had only been emailing up until then due to Covid!)

The tea plantations of Munnar are stunning, and Aranya does their best to use natural dyes mostly from around the area. It’s so lush and green there, I’m not surprised that they are able to find so many colors

The pieces afterwards were stitched by our production partner MasterG, an all women’s training center and production unit based in New Delhi.

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