Rishikesh - 2017

Rishikesh - 2017

Written on August 27, 2017, our journey imported from our old website <3

 Rishikesh is one of my favoruite places in India, especially for spiritual exploration. Visiting here first before textile travel within India was planned as an exorcism of sorts; I had felt the insensitive West harden my heart over the past year. Soul slightly shrivelled. Rishikesh is medicine for the spirit.

 Yoga and kismet connections with fellow seekers. People and what responsibilities we have to each other, people and what responsibilities we have to ourselves. Wisdom lives in the air and it will find you if that is your intention.

Wonderful and unexplainable people and occurrences coated in obvious divinity surrounded my experience. The divine drives all, and in Rishikesh we all believe. The energy will work with you.

  I left extremely grateful and honestly dumbfounded. Everything that happened was right and meaningful. The path is unfolding in the most beautiful way.


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