Upcycled Saree Kaftans: The Process

Upcycled Saree Kaftans: The Process

For Fashion Revolution Week and the launch of our newest ReSaree capsule collection, we want to share with you the intensive process we undertake of upcycling vintage sarees to make them into new fashion pieces.

Our second collection of recycled saree kaftan dresses like the one goddess Roshni @thechiquefactor is wearing here have just arrived and can be seen and shopped now. They are all one-of-a-kind and a labor of love

First, we meet Shruti @thestitchingdreams She gathers pre-loved sarees from warehouses and “godowns” around New Delhi and Jaipur. Shruti has great taste in prints and grabs only the best of the best sarees for her selection. We go to her spot and spend time choosing each and every saree- checking for holes, stains and aesthetic style+fabric quality to ensure it’s the best fit for our collection. (Sorry for the blurry photos here- they are stills from a video!)

Then, we bring them to @vaishalemittal and her Masterji Mr. Sabir plus the team of women and men at the workshop in Shahpur Jat. The saree silks can be tough to process and stitch; these guys have the process down perfectly
1. Sari is ironed by a person
2. Two people hold a saree under light and check for holes and stains and put “alt” sticker on them
3. The cutting incharge spreads the sari on table and cut out panels which are either defected or cannot be used.
4. Then he keeps the pattern and planout the design layout. *This process is time taking and is performed individually for each sari.*
5. Finally he cuts the front and back by doing placement of the print
6. Goes into stitching
7. Label and trim (hook) is tucked by one person
8. Finishing to check the final piece thoroughly, iron and pack them.

When the stitching is finished we pick them up, fall in love with them as always and shoot them one by one as they are each completely unique.

It is quite a time consuming process! But it’s so worth it for the beautiful product result. Every piece is one of a kind. Every piece is a work of art. And we so can’t wait to see how you style them out in the wild world <3

Feel free to comment or mail us with any more questions about our process! We love to share our "behind the scenes" info 

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