NYC Holiday Launch 2019 - A Bit Belated

NYC Holiday Launch 2019 - A Bit Belated

Written in early 2020 during lockdown, our journey imported from our old website <3

We shared our first formal collection in NYC this past Holiday. 

The Hester Street Fair in the lower east side of Manhattan was our first event. Although New York was displaying her full glory of Holidaytime Snow-Rain outside, the turnout was great. 
The girls of MasterG ! They were the star of the show (obviously). Everyone loved learning about their work.
Rina stunning in our re-saree wrap jacket
Lauren looking !so chic! in our repurpose patch jacket in the lower east side
Anna out in Manhattan looking holiday gorgeous in our red+green patch jacket
The Grove Street Market in Jersey City was outside- luckily we had quite the sunny day! Despite the cold, people showed up. It was our busiest and most successful market yet. 
Emily looking perfect in the patch jacket!
Lots of last minute Christmas gift shoppers, and even more folks who just stopped to asked- what's the story with the patchwork?
With each purchase we gave a small sack of Soap Berries from For Earth's Sake, a zero waste shop in Gurgaon. They are a natural means of laundering clothing derived from a fruit tree in the Himalayas. They are anti-microbial, stain-removing and the leftover water can safely go back in the ground. Soap Berries are pretty much a win-win all around. I've loved them for years and want everyone else to as well! 
At the Remade in Brooklyn gallery X Mor.Earth we got to share our work and story alongside three other designers in the conscious fashion space. It was an evening event with drinks and laughs and a fantastic crowd. 
Public speaking: I am still working on my skills
The fantastic designers and the folks of Mor.Earth! Anne of Anne James New York, Dynasty of Dynasty George and Hannah of All Things New. Their work is beautiful and inspiring. We loved hearing their journeys and how they got to this space of designing with values. 
The MasterG Dream <3 
It was a splendid Holiday and we were sad to leave NYC! It was Ashwath's first time there- his first time in the US at all- and he really loved it. Surely we will spend more time there in the future as Swiatlo grows.
New York will always be a home to me and I miss it all the time! 

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