MasterG x Swiatlo

MasterG x Swiatlo

MasterG is aNew Delhi-based all womens' skills training center and stitching workshop. We have been working with them to craft our collections since Swiatlo began in 2019- witnessing their growth throughout this time has been beautiful and inspiring. MasterG is a school that focuses on teaching pattern making and managerial skills to women. The title "Masterji" in India generally refers to a male pattern master- the top position at any garment factory. Historically women have not been able to fill these positions as they were never taught pattern making, only stitching. MasterG wants to break this pattern by educating women to hold higher positions at factories, as well as entrepreneurship skills to begin their own businesses. While some graduates of the MasterG school move forward to work at the MasterG stitching centers, many work for top designers around India in high-end and export fashion studios.  

The City Slip Dress crafted from handmade Blockprint cotton textile is our current collection offering stitched by the MasterG studio. See the collection here. 

"We exist because there is a disparity in women’s workforce participation in India. We aim to give tools to women to break out of patterns of exclusion and inequality in the industry and their lives. To achieve this we have built a resilient ecosystem and innovative training modules

At MasterG, we democratise the art of pattern making to give women the tools for imagination that help them in redesigning their lives. By repeating our signature processes several times over the course, students practice critical thinking and problem solving as a method to approach garment making and their life decisions. Each student undergoes a journey of questioning the patterns of disparity and social conditioning that hold them back from realising their true potential and learn to lay claims on their life.
Each student who experiences breaking patterns, our Emancipatory Pedagogy enables themselves with the power to question existing patterns of learning and living." -

See MasterG in Vogue!

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