Ladies in Delhi - 2016

Ladies in Delhi - 2016

Written on May 27 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3

After the Himalayas, we took a funtime trip to Delhi. First thing we did after 10 days of dal? -pizza-.

All our "planning" energy spent on the previous ten days (and also no longer responsible for anyone other than just ourselves), Teju and I winged it in Delhi. It was three days of relentless fun and some spiritual experiences as well. (How could we visit Delhi without seeing the Lotus Temple or the Jama Masjid?)

A night in Hauz Khas, exploring Khan Market


"The importance of harmony between science and religion.. If religion does not correspond with scientific principles and the processes of reasoning, it becomes superstition... Science without the universal virtues taught by religions will lead to materialism"-Baha'i Lotus Temple

 Jama Masjid, old city

 On our last day while sitting quietly in Jama Masjid, observing the serene energy of prayer and reflecting on our past 12 days, we discussed what we were feeling. Teju was going back home within the week, and was processing her emotions regarding the intense connection she had felt with the Himalayas and the people at the community centre. I knew I was coming back to my work in Ahmedabad soon, with my departure almost a month away and realising that a list of top priorities was in order- but what those priorities consisted of was yet to be seen, as the things I valued before this trip seem to have been altered slightly. It was a beautiful moment of silence and reflection shared between us, before we made our way back out to the bustling streets of Chandni Chowk. A mad dash onto the train brought us back to our lodging, and then to the airport, returning to our previous world; a world whose meaning had shifted drastically since we left it 14 days prior

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