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India, Marriage, Business and COVID19

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I had the opportunity to share my NYC-India story! As well as some family history, and what it's like to be an expat during a global pandemic. It's been four wonderful years learning so much from this country. Craft, spiritual practices, self development, deep kindness, sharing knowledge and spicy food among so many other Indian blessings. I am so grateful.
-Fun fact- Our first website began as a travel blog in 2015 to document my first trip to India. As I fell in love with artisan craft and Swiatlo was born, we moved our website to a host with a better ecommerce platform and brought the blogs over with us.
The path along building a business between two very different and far apart worlds has been windy and at times uncertain- it still is! - but it’s the best thing I have ever done. If anyone reading this has a dream, take the first step. Lay one little brick a day and one morning you’ll wake up to see you have a house! <3

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