Heading South - 2016

Heading South - 2016

Written on February 13, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3

Taking a trip to the state of Tamil Nadu this week for the artisanal work and temples of the south (ALL Indian states are known for some sort of brilliant work). Specifically Pondicherry for natural dyes- a former French settlement and spiritual haven. I have a million questions about natural dyes that I hope to find some answers. To get there, I must fly into Chennai then travel three hours farther south by bus.


At one of my previous fashion tech jobs my boss visited the Hong Kong factories and saw a guy fall into a vat of chemicalsHis pants were burned off but he was alright, laughing about it like “just another day in the office!”. I mean, that’s terrifying, Our work will only be created with non-toxic dyes.

I like airports a lot. I always have since childhood. They feel like potential and adventure. and I love Ahmedabad- it’s so beautiful, and safe, and constantly revealing itself to me in a shrek-esque onion comparison way. But the airport, in Ahmedabad? Not my favorite really. It’s the beginning or end for everyone. No layovers there, as far as I know- like the last train stop in Brooklyn, no one is transferring. They’re just going home or getting out. So there is one doodly little duty free shop with like, random chocolates, and a tea stand (I do like that tea stand though).


And with that, I board a plane to Mumbai then it's off to Chennai.


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