Gandhi (Sabarmati) Ashram - 2016

Gandhi (Sabarmati) Ashram - 2016

Written on January 8, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3 


Shortly after arriving, a housemate named Martin invited me for lunch at Ghandhi Ashram, the headquarters of nonprofit Manav Sadhna-as well as being, you know, the Gandhi Ashram. Full of incredible history. Volunteers converge there every day for a vegetarian meal and general camaraderie. It was a short walk away -which involved crossing the street -NYC traffic is toddlers on tricycles compared to Indian roadways. They take no prisoners. 



 The Ghandhi Ashram is a breathtaking place. At the time, many volunteers were participating in three days of silence accompanied by digital detox. (Amazing). The Ashram is on the Sabarmati river and saturated with greenery. 


The energy is unexplainably serene; full of action and intention. Part of the area is impressively dedicated to composting toilet waste for plant fertilisation on the grounds. 



Inside a building on the grounds an incredibly kind staff was preparing lunch. Volunteers who live in the Ashram were there as well- inspiring people who took hiatuses from thriving careers to help underprivileged communities. I met an architect from Holland, a doctor from California, a dentist from Brooklyn and another professional from Venezuela among many others. They told their stories about India as we sat barefoot near the river eating dahl and rice with our hands. 


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