Craftroots Workspace - 2016

Craftroots Workspace - 2016

Written on January 8, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3 


The Craftroots stitching workspaces are small rooms on the top floor of a school, where the kids of the people in the studio can go study. (One little boy proudly displayed his homemade kite as I walked up the stairs) It's full of creative and hopeful energy- with handpainted walls and colorful fabrics on every shelf. Each room has a purpose- hand dying, block printing, hand embroidery, even the tassels are handmade. 


It was a quiet day according to the workers, as many people had already left for the Craftroots Exhibition three hours south east of Ahmedabad in Vadodara, which was set to begin the following day. Gramshree displays their work annually at this exhibition alongside a multitude of other artisan nonprofits, all associated with Craftroots

The sewing room!



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