Craftroots Exhibition- The Motherland - 2016

Craftroots Exhibition- The Motherland - 2016

Written on January 9, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3 

 The Craftroots exhibition at the Surya Palace hotel in Baroda, Gujarat

They’re selling, but it’s not a “sale”. Textile vendors, visual artists and craftspeople associated with the NGO display their work simultaneously once a year in Vadodara, Gujarat. The artists are making  while explaining their processes the entire time. Painting, sketching, metalworking, weaving, beading- everything you can imagine as associated with Indian handcrafted goods.



There is no bargaining here, these aren’t things you bargain for. How can we ask for a smaller price, when we see the man sawing metal appliqués right in front of us? The woman stitching embroidery on a dupatta? With this humanity comes respect for the work, respect for the amazing platform that Craftroots has given these people to keep traditional techniques alive and support themselves. They’re creating good and everyone can feel it.



This is the perfect environment to find inspiration on a spiritual level, and make connections with like-minded people. People promoting social good specific to artistic endeavors float around the room. Textile vendors are selling organic cottons with vegetable dye block prints and handwoven batik fabrics. I’m overdosing on Ajrak, embroidery, mirror detailing- and I want more. We talk about production processes with enough gesticulation to bridge the murky language barriers. We’re on the same team


All mind blowing eye opening beauty in this space and a lot of love shared in the air today. 



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