Cows: They DO Wander the Streets - 2016

Cows: They DO Wander the Streets - 2016

Written on January 8, 2016, our journey imported from our old website <3 


 I am so in love with the animals of India. They might just be a perfect example of mindful living- focused on here and now (food and traffic?) while roaming ever forward. They keep to themselves for the most part; accepted members of street society in their own right.

Crossing the street in Ahmedabad is mildly terrifying. The cars stop for no soul. Unless you’re a cow.



I had heard that cows roam with reckless abandon in India but I wasn’t entirely convinced this could be true. Surely they would get hit by oncoming traffic? (Specifically Indian traffic, which appears to have no rules whatsoever


Motorbike, car, rickshaw- honestly I am amazed by how well the drivers sense the ebb and flow of each other's movements; it's empathetic in a way. The way they maneuver around cows, and people holding babies- it’s like an impressive choreograph that only they are privy to.




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